Saturday, September 6, 2008

Custom Reports in Moodle

This week I had some time to moodle around in Moodle. I really haven't dug too deep until now so this was definitely an eye opener. I didn't realize how easy it was to set up. One thing that did trip me up though is customizing reports.

Moodle has some great standard reports but it doesn't appear to be too easy to customize them. I'm looking to make the simple modification of adding a column of information and from my small amount of research, it looks like you have to get into the root folders and edit the PHP. Is this true? Is there an easier way? I have a work around for what I need to do now but I will definitely need to do more research on this as I am sure we will have a need for customized reports in the future.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

I am also in the job of developing customized report for moodle.
Did you get any workaround for this??


Joe Deegan said...

Hi Usha, thanks for the comment. Yes, I did find a work around for what I needed to do. I needed to sort reports according to the geographical region that employees worked in. My solutions was too simply use the "Department" field as the region. Not the solution I was hoping for but it is working for now.
I did find some information on Moodle docs about how to create custom reports but unfortunately I can't track down the links to send to you.
My current battle is using the course overview report. I need a report showing student performance in all classes they have taken rather than looking at one class at a time. The course overview report is supposed to do this for you but I am having trouble getting it to work.
I haven't had time to research an answer but when I find one I will definitely post it on my blog.