Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Site Definitions

The web design class I am taking is really getting my feet wet with Dreamweaver and photoshop. I am currently working on my portfolio site which will eventually contain a gallery of my work along with some information about me.

Something that is confusing me about Dreamweaver is the need for multiple site definitions. Our teacher had us set up 3 different site definitions which makes it hard to know which one I should be working out of. Teach say's we will get a better understanding later in the semester. As of now, it seems like it's not neccessarry and only complicates the process.

So far, I have been amazed at what you can do with Dreamweaver and photoshop and I am hungry to learn more.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Progress at SDSU

So far, the Ed Tech program has been hard work but extremely rewarding. It's very exciting to find a Masters program that is catered to the line of work I have a passion for. So far, I have completed a course on Educational Technology and I am currently enrolled in a class on Web Design.

The Ed Tech class was more of an introduction to the theories of instructional design, mainly the ADDIE model. I was particularly interested in the subject of performance analysis. Prior to taking this class, I had a tendency to put the cart before the horse and jump straight to a solution without conducting a proper analysis. From this class, I have learned that trying to save time by jumping to a solution is only going to cost me more time to create an inferior product.

I just started Ed Tech 541 - Web Design and I am loving it. One of the main reasons I enrolled in the program is to build on the nuts and bolts of building eLearning and web design is a foundation. This class is really helping me to become confident in Dreamweaver and is also teaching me a thing or two about Photoshop. Sounds lame to be excited about school but honestly I am stoked because these classes are definitely providing me with tools that will help me do better at my job.

I'm Back!

After a long hiatus I am making an attempt to get back to posting. Classes in the Ed Tech program at SDSU have me swamped on top of my work schedule so it's been tough to make the blog a priority.

However, I have been learning some great stuff at SDSU and feel like I need to get back in the blogging habit so I can reflect on these lessons. So, my plan going forward is to get back to posting but I need to write shorter, quicker posts so that I can fit it in to my schedule. Here goes nothing.