Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Site Definitions

The web design class I am taking is really getting my feet wet with Dreamweaver and photoshop. I am currently working on my portfolio site which will eventually contain a gallery of my work along with some information about me.

Something that is confusing me about Dreamweaver is the need for multiple site definitions. Our teacher had us set up 3 different site definitions which makes it hard to know which one I should be working out of. Teach say's we will get a better understanding later in the semester. As of now, it seems like it's not neccessarry and only complicates the process.

So far, I have been amazed at what you can do with Dreamweaver and photoshop and I am hungry to learn more.

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Joe Deegan said...

Now I get it! At first I didn't understand the idea of the overriding site definition. Lots to learn!