Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flash Rookie

I earned rookie status in Adobe Flash by making my first GIF animation. I had always been interested in this and was surprised at how easy it is to learn Flash. After playing around with this a little I am amazed at how skilled some people are with the drawing tools. I found the drawing tools very difficult to work with. Any tips or tricks for becoming better at using the drawing tools in Adobe products?

What spurred me to get started with Flash is an assignment for a web development class I am taking. The assignment required that we use the drawing tools to draw a sunrise with a flower sprouting out of the ground. Although this is a very basic start in Flash I had fun and I am looking forward to learning more so that I am able to develop custom animations for future eLearning courses. Click here to check out my very first GIF animation.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Excellent on your first animation! I remember mine vividly from 9 years ago. :)

The drawing tools are quite different than in Illustrator or Photoshop, but you will quickly master them. My best advice is to get onto a Flash forum, such as, and try answering people's questions.

You will learn more in two months that reading a dozen books in a year (lol, case in point; and it's cheaper).

Joe Deegan said...

Thanks for the tip Sub Quark! The best way to learn is from making mistakes so I am sure helping other with their mistakes would speed up the pace. I'll check out Have a good one