Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 Posts of 2009

Looking back at my top posts of 2009, it is obvious what I spent most of the year working on. 2009 was all about Moodle and Project Based Learning for me. Many of my most popular posts in 2009 were about Moodle which is not only a reflection of my year but also a reflection of the increasing popularity of Moodle. I look forward to another year of Moodle and increasing the amount of posts I write on other topics such as Blended Training Solutions, Instructional Design, Adobe Captivate and Training and Development in general.

What was your year like? I'm curious to hear about your hot topics of the year and what you see in the year ahead. Being that my most popular posts were about Moodle, I'm guessing it was a busy year of Moodling for many of you as well.

Top Posts:

  1. Why Moodle?
  2. Moodle Reporting and User Management - Is Moomis the answer?
  3. A Corporate Example of Project Based Learning
  4. Project Based Learning in 3 Steps
  5. Adobe Captivate - "Continue" or "Go to Next Slide?"
  6. 3 Steps to a Driving Question for Project Based Learning
  7. Moodle eMail Notification Problems
  8. Designing Assessments for Project Based Learning
  9. What is Project Based Learning?
  10. Telecollaboration and Project Based Learning

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