Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moodle: Quiz Scores not Saving

Oops, where are the scores! I recently learned a valuable lesson after implementing an eLearning course on Moodle where quiz scores did not save. It's not a great feeling when someone put's out the effort to complete a course but you have no record of their completion. Here is the situation and solution, hopefully it will help another frantic Moodler with missing quiz scores.

The Situation:
The course consisted of multiple assignments and quizzes that needed to be completed by a large group of people. Because it was a large group and some of the assignments needed to be manually graded, I enrolled Supervisors as "Non Editing Teachers" so that they could grade their subordinates assignments. I was under the assumption that if I enrolled supervisors as "Non Editing Teachers," they would be able to both complete the quiz and grade their subordinates. I soon found out the hard way that if you need a users quiz score to save, then they can't be a "Teacher" of any kind. Unless, you override permissions like I describe below.

The Solution:
Turns out I am not the only Moodler to have come across this problem. A quick search in the Moodle Forums turned up several pages of answers to my problem. From my research in the Moodle Forums, I learned that "Teachers" and "Non Editing Teachers" have permissions to "Preview" quizzes instead of "Attempt." When a quiz is previewed in Moodle, the scores are not saved in the gradebook which is why my supervisors scores did not save. They were all "Previewing" the quiz instead of "Attempting" it. All, I needed to do is override the "Preview Quizzes" and "Attempt Quizzes" permissions and the "Non Editing Teachers" scores will save. Here are the steps of what you need to do if you come across this rare problem:
  1. Go to the course site.
  2. Click on "Assign Roles" in the Admin menu.
  3. Click on the "Override Permissions" tab located towards the top of the Assign Roles screen.
  4. Click on "Non Editing Teacher" or whatever other role you want to override from the Override Permissions tab.
  5. Scroll down to the Quiz section of the override permission screen and locate the "Preview Quizzes" and "Attempt Quizzes" permissions.
  6. Set the "Attempt Quizzes" permission to "Allow" and the "Preview Quizzes" permission to "Prevent."
After overriding the permissions my problem was solved but there is no way to retrieve the quiz scores that occured before making the change. Supervisors were not stoked that their quiz scores didn't save but at least I learned from rookie mistake : )

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Thanks man , you REALLY helped me out a lot, i was desperate..again thanks

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