Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Train the Trainer

I am responsible for an upcoming software rollout for a retail organization and I am looking for ideas for structuring a train the trainer course. The training plan involves the learners completing a series of eLearning courses which will be followed by a one day instructor led course. I have finished developing the eLearning courses and the instructor led course so now I need to prepare SME’s to facilitate the instructor led classes on their own.

The ILT course is largely based on completing a workbook filled with exercises that build on what they learned in the eLearning courses. I have also developed a facilitator guide to go along with this workbook. It should be relatively easy to facilitate the class by just using the facilitators guide but I would like to develop some activities that will help build their confidence in facilitating the course.

I have scheduled a 2 day meeting with the SME’s where I will introduce them to the course and prepare them to facilitate it on their own. At this point I am planning on having them participate in the ILT course as a participant on day 1 then going into the train the trainer content on day 2. I have designed similar train the trainer courses before but I am looking for some new ideas to make it more effective.

One of the challenges I am faced with is that there will be 12 SME’s to train and only me as the facilitator. The ideal situation for me would to be able to break them into groups so that they can practice facilitating the course with each other but I’m not sure how feasible or effective that will be with just me as the facilitator.

All this leads to the question of “How can I maximize the time I have on day 2 to prepare them to teach the course on their own?”


Urban Estate said...

Did you finish this project? interested to hear about the outcome as I’m doing similar project.

Joe Deegan said...

Hello Urban Estate,
Yes, I did complete the project and it went well. In hindsight the other trainers could have spent a little more time learning the program before having to teach it. It wasn't easy for them to learn how to use the program then go straight into teaching others how to use it. But they worked hard and ended up doing a good job. Let me know if you had any other questions.