Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Progress at SDSU

So far, the Ed Tech program has been hard work but extremely rewarding. It's very exciting to find a Masters program that is catered to the line of work I have a passion for. So far, I have completed a course on Educational Technology and I am currently enrolled in a class on Web Design.

The Ed Tech class was more of an introduction to the theories of instructional design, mainly the ADDIE model. I was particularly interested in the subject of performance analysis. Prior to taking this class, I had a tendency to put the cart before the horse and jump straight to a solution without conducting a proper analysis. From this class, I have learned that trying to save time by jumping to a solution is only going to cost me more time to create an inferior product.

I just started Ed Tech 541 - Web Design and I am loving it. One of the main reasons I enrolled in the program is to build on the nuts and bolts of building eLearning and web design is a foundation. This class is really helping me to become confident in Dreamweaver and is also teaching me a thing or two about Photoshop. Sounds lame to be excited about school but honestly I am stoked because these classes are definitely providing me with tools that will help me do better at my job.

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